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Hair Loss

When aging is the matter, hair is not the first thing coming to our mind but having a full, healthy hair is associated with youth and beauty. Hair loss and thinning are problems which affect millions of men and women around the world and may cause feelings of low self-respect and sense of self.

A series of factors may cause hair loss including genetics, hormones, aging, illnesses, drug stress, trauma or alopecia. The most common cause of hair loss is the male pattern baldness but hair loss also affects many women. In most cases hair implant surgery is not suitable or necessary.

We offer two non-surgical, non-invasive therapies for men and women with hair loss: PRP treatment and Mesotreatment.

PRP Uygulamaları

PRP Treatment

A simple procedure that involves injecting your own plasm (PRP) into your scalp to triger the growth factors in your blood in order to induce hair growth.
Saç Mezoterapisi

Hair Mesotherapy

A "vitamin support" injection that helps to improve blood circulation in your hair skin and at the same time nourishes hair roots and induces the re-growth of hair.