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Acnelan ile Akne Tedavisi

Revolutionize Your Skin!

Acne is a common situation among young and adults which may psychologically affect individuals in long term. Acne develops mostly depending on stress and hormones. When people have stress, adrenal gland releases hormones like cortisol and rogens along with them. In some people this is enough for sebaceous glands to release more fat and cause acne.

Acnelan medical peeling truly offers a deep cleansing for those who are susceptible to acne and have seborrheic skin type.

What's Acne Treatment With Acnelan?

Acnelan Peel is a deep peeling treatment through a special combination of ingredients fighting against acne. It’s an intensive clinical treatment for those susceptible to acne with seborrheic skins. It combines home care with clinical treatment. It targets acne triggers and prevents recurrence.
It can be used on mild and severe acnes and effective at reducing active acne lesions, preventing the growth of new acne lesion and ensuring a healthy balance for the skin. Home care regimen also targets the triggers and prevents recurrence after the peeling is completed.

What is Acnelan Acne Treatment useful for?

  • Effective at reducing active acne.
  • Prevents new pimple growth.
  • Ensures a healthy balance for the skin.
  • Cleanses blocked pores.
  • Removes dirt.
  • Improves general skin tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acnelan Acne Treatment

After the treatment plan is determined according to the need of the skin, Acnelan treatment is a three-step process that does not cause any discomfort. First, the skin is cleansed deeply and cleared of its' dirt with a multi-factor mask. Following the mask application and peeling that soothes and balances the skin, the mask is neutralized with a spray. A sealing shield is applied to the pores in order to further soothe and firm the pores to expand the duration of effect of Acnelan treaatment.

At least three consecutive treatments are needed for optimum results. This will be scheduled in 15-24 days intervals depending on your personal skin type and severity of your acne.

Strict care is needed at home to preserve the result obtained after Acnelan treatment. In more serious cases, 2-4 treatment programs each year may be necessary to fully remove the acnes. Diet recommendations must be adhered to which we can discuss in consultation process.

There may be a mild feeling of hotness, a little redness and irritation after the treatment. On the following 3-5 days, the skin will be peeled off and come out clean. It's important to adhere to home care instructions following the treatment. You need to finish the treatment plan set forth by your doctor to get the best results.