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There's An Effective Way To Dispel The Concerns of Face Sag and Neck Sag!

As we age and collagen and elasting levels in the skin run short, we lose the young look in our face. We begin to experience sags in jowl, neck and cheeks and drops in eyelids. We seek effective ways instead of surgical ways.

“Youth Thread” (Silhouette Soft) aaesthetics in non-surgical face rejuvenation is a face hanging method through threads that can be completely dissolved by the body. It’s natural, cut-free, ache and pain free. It’s a person specific application for those who want long-termed effect and immediate return to social life.

What are the details of Thread Face Lifting?

It’s comprised of a thread with polylactic acid property and dissolvable two-way cones. This material is a substance being used in many medical fields for many years. It’s compatible with human tissue. It induces fibroblasts and collagen production during dissolving and ensures the skin to rebuilt itself and look younger, healthier and brighter. 2 effects are achieved with 1 application: A visible lifting effect on the skin after application: And hanging and reshaping processes which can be made in the face after application through the two-way cones. Threads are dissolved in the subcuteneous fat tissue, trigger collagen production and this way a regeneration effect occurs in the skin.

How thread face lifting is made?

First, an evaluation should be made on the current complaint of the patient and then a designation should be made on where to place the threads symmetrically on both sides of the face asking also the patient’s opinion and a decision should be made on how many therads are required. After placing the threads on both sides of the face, hanging process takes place with a mirror by asking also the patient’s opinion for how much he/she desires. Application takes about 1-1,5 hours and patient can return back to his/her normal life right after the application.

For what thread face lifting is applied?

It can be applied in individual’s with mid-face sags and volume loss in cheeks to ensure face ovality, bring out jawline, eliminate unwanted sags in neck and jowl area and for lifting and shaping the brow

Frequently Asked Questions About Thread Face Lifting

Silhouette Soft® thread lifting is quite effective as a single treatment or in combination with wrinkle softening injections and injectible dermal filler materials and offers a total integrated approach for a young look and regaining skin quality. Its' effect is long lasting due to the slow dissolving of these threads. Effect lasts up to 2 years after the application. However, individual's genetic features, skin structure and type, age, social habits (smoking, alcohol, sport etc.) affect this period in positive and negative ways.

Your doctor will give general and post-therapy advices suiting you in your consultation prior to therapy, this way you can plan when to receive the therapy and how long could you be away from work.
You shouldn't take bath for the first 24 hours. You should lie not on your face and with your head slightly up for 5 days. You should avoid excessive actions (chewing gum, eating apple etc.) for three weeks. You should not massage your face, protect it from sun, avoid getting into a sauna or Turkish bath and not doing exercise for 3 weeks