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Siğiller (Verru)

Wart (Verru)

Wart is a benign skin growth that ‘s caused by a virus called human papilloma virus (HPV) infecting the top layer of the skin. Although it’s mostly seen on hands and feet it can occur on whole of the body.

How Does The Disease Occur?

The virus (human papilloma virus) causes the warts. It occurs with direct contact with the wart or with something that contacted it before. Traumas on the skin like cuts or injuries make infection to develop easier. Even though warts are contagious they cannot reproduce in every body they get in. The reason for this is individual’s life standards and style. It’s more likely to be seen in people who are under dense stress, keeping an unbalanced diet or eating poor, overworking, tired, polygynous, sharing items like towels, bathrobes and slippers.

What Can Be Done In treatment?

When you’re suspicious of wart, immediately consult your dermatologist to protect yourself and your environment. Dermatologists will damage the tissue with agents effective against the factor of wart HPV and plan your treatment with agents or methods which provide recovery. These treatment methods are determined according to patient’s age, and location, thickness and clinical type of the wart.

Primary methods of treatment include superficial keratolytic agents dissolving the skin’s top layer, cold therapy (cryotherapy), acidic solutions killing the wart microbe, and apart from these surgical electro cauterization may be applied in some cases. In some cases involving kids, spontaneous healing may be observed within a 2 years period without the need of a treatment. But keep in mind that disease can infect and advance during this period with no treatment.

How Can I Protect From Warts?

Do not pull off or scratch your wart. Use your own suitable shoes in common-use areas like pools. Do not contact the warts of others. Humid environments can increase the spread of wart so keep your feet dry especially for feet-involvement warts.