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Your Face Is Defying Time, Coming To Life!

Our lips, eyes and around the eyes, our cheeks are the most remarkable but fastest tiring/aging areas on our face. We all desire a young, vivid and healthy look. For this reason, one of the most sought out applications in Aesthetic Dermatology are hyaluronic acid filler applications. With aesthetic filler application that’s being applied for many years to eliminate the thin lines on the face and gain volume to the face, hollows under the eyes, deep wrinkles on the face, hollow and saggy cheeks disappear, lip contours are rebuilt and natural shape of the face is brought back.

What's Filler Application?

As we age and along with the effects of gravity and sun rays, there occurs a decrease in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid amounts found in the connective tissue supporting the skin. This causes the skin to get thinner and lose its’ elasticity, firmness and moisture. Alongside this, the decrease in the subscutaneous fat tissue as we age, makes the volume loss in the face more distinct. Sections of the face reaching from the sides of the nose to cheeks flatten, under-eye hollows become apparent, lines between the nose and the lip corner deepen and overall face takes a weary expression. And at this point, filler materials step in which are injected into the skin, under the skin or on top of the bone and show compatibility with individual’s tissue. Especially with filler applications containing hyaluronic acid, this substance which’s in skin in time, is replaced. And this makes the lines and wrinkles occuring on the skin to be eliminated, the hollows to be rebuilt and gasin volume again. Thanks to this method, a more natural, healthier, younger and dynamic look is achieved without the need for an operation.

On Which Parts of the Body is Filler Applied?

  • It’s used in brow lifting and reshaping of brows,
  • In gaining volume to lips and bringing out lip contour,
  • In eliminating marionette lines,
  • In reshaping the jaw,
  • In bringing out the jawline,
  • In eliminating the troughs between the nose and lip corners and barcode lines around the lips,
  • In bringing out cheeks and cheekbones,
  • In curing under-eye hollows and dark circles with light filler,
  • In eliminating thin lines and acne scars,
  • In regaining the old volume to the face and providing lifting effect on the face.
  • In addition, with hand and neck applications, a better look can be achieved on these areas that are mostly neglected.

Areas of Use of Filler

Frequently Asked Questions About Filler

The biggest concern of patients about this application is the face seeming different than it's before and distinctly swelly. The aim is not to swell the face nor change its' shape but ensure the face gets its' former state back and maintained at its' current state. Yet, upon patient's request, this can also be achieved with applications that will be made in the areas such as cheekbones that are desired to have definition.

It's not made in pregnancy or breast feeding periods. If there's an active dermatosis such as eczema, psoriasis or an active infection such as acne or hepres in the area to be treated, application will be suspended until the recovery of lesions.

Most patients states that they feel no pain at all with the anaesthetic creams used prior to the process. Besides, this feeling is minimized with the needle tips specific for the process.

The biggest advantage of this application compared to others is that you don't need to wait to see the effect. Effect is seen immediately after the process.

While permanency varies from person to person and depending on the density of the used filler material, it changes from 6 to 18 months.

Time of the process does not exceed half an hour and you can get back to your daily activities right after.

In order to reduce the risk of purpleness on the injection area, you should stop using asprin and herbal supplements reducing the coagulation of blood (anticoagulant) such as vitamin E, gingko, ginseng 2 weeks, and painkiller and alcohol consumption 2 days before the process.

Unless otherwise recommended, it's best to avoid massaging and harsh moves to the application area and protect it from excessive hots (solarium, sauna, sun bathing) and colds for the very first days.

Risk of side effects are minimized with the next generation filler materials. Most often seen side effects are purpleness, redness and edema on the area of process. These side effects recovers in 3-4 days after the process with the products used at home.

Pricing of filler applications varies depending on the process to be applied to you, current conditions of the area of application, product and amount to be used. An appropriate price information is offered for you after your doctor examines and further understands your need.