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Scarlet X Tedavisi

We Want To Erase The Effects Of Life Conditions From Our Skin!

Skin loses its’ tone, elasticity and moist with age. Alongisde the short running of vital substances like collagen and elastin, life style choices such as smoking and over-exposure to UV light further damages the skin and degenerates its’ health and tissue. As a result, the skin loses its’ vividity, begins to look tired and may show sags on lower face areas. Scarlet X application comes at the first place among the non-surgical methods for the skin to regenerate and reach its’ former vividity.

What's Scarlet X ?

Scarlet X is the advanced and enriched version of Scarlet S also known as golden needle. The aim is to start recovery and regeneration in the skin through applying radiofrequency energy under the skin transmitted to the target area with micro needles. Used in hair skin treatment, forehead wrinkles, dropped brows, crow’s feet, cheekbone and mouth sags and in tightening mimic lines and skin around the jawline.

How Scarlet X is applied?

Scarlet X uses micro needle electrodes and bipolar radio frequency (RF) technology to coagulate dermal collagen and elastin fibre in the skin.

In where Scarlet X is used?

Scarlet X aims to firm and tighten the skin in jowl, neck and decolette area. In addition, it’s used in the treatment of common problems such as rosacea, acne, vulgaris, melasma, scars and thin lines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scarlet X

Scarlet X treatment does not require any specail preparation of follow-up regimen. Basic skin care and sun cream is enough for post-care. Most of the patients get back to their normal activities right after the treatment. A temporary redness and a mild swell are seen in rosacea patients after the treatment but this generally recovers in 24 to 72 hours.

Scarlet X is one of the safe treatments in the field of RF systems; it has no recovery period or side effects. Patients can leave the clinic right after the treatment; there are no bleedings or sensitivity like in other micro needle treatments.

Firming in the skin is seen quickly after the treatment. Dermal shaping occurs in time depending on the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres and vascular rejuvenation. Measurable results can be seen gradually within 2 to 3 months for most of the patients. Its' effect may last for 6 months to a year depending on the aging process and your skin condition.

Anaesthetic cream is applied on the skin to eliminate any possible pain. Most of the patients report very little or no pain at all. Thanks to short heating time and thin micro needle electrodes, it works with a light pressure and slow speed. This way, it offers comfort to patients during the application.

Anaesthetic creams and ice are applied to the area of application prior to the process. Besides, the feeling of pain is quite low with thin needle tips specific to the process.