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Cosmelan Dermamelan ile Leke Tedavisi

Your Skin Blemishes Are Not Fate!

Used to even up skin tone and enhance skin brightness, Cosmelan-Dermamelan is a chemical peeling that safely and effectively treats pigmentations of every level including the most stubborn melasma. Treatment includes a focused program comprised of the preparation before peeling, peeling and skin products after peeling. Aim of the treatment is to recover the skin back to its’ natural state with an even skin tone, improved smoothness and a healthy brightness.

While Cosmelan is generally used for new, surface and mild to mid pigmentation, Dermamelan is a medical class peeling used for deep, stubborn and mid to severe pigmentation.

What's Cosmelan-Dermamelan?

Dark spots which are seen especially on face, decolette area and hand in the skin, are caused by excessively increased amounts of melanin in these areas. Cosmelan-Dermamelan treatment system is an effective method of enzymatic peeling that decreases the amount of melanin in the skin and treats dark spots on the skin. Besides, it suppresses mechanisms triggering spot formation on the skin and prevents new spots to be formed. Its’ effect begins within 1-4 weeks. In addition, this system stimulates the regeneration of the skin, reduces the negative effects of agings, shrinks down pores, lightens and balances the skin color thanks to its’ strong and effective content.

How Cosmelan-Dermamelan application is made?

A dermatologic examination is conducted prior to application to determine the type and depth of the spot. Skin is cleansed with a purifying cleanser. Peeling product is applied on cleaned face as a mask leaving the area around the eyes and lips open. The mask is kept waiting on the face for 8-12 hours depending on the intensity of the spots and individual’s skin type. When the waiting time for the mask at home ends, individual doing the application washes the mask with warm water and purges off his/her skin. Afterwards, skin nourishing and reconstructive creams are put on. Special follow-on creams are used for 3-6 months after the application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmelan-Dermamelan Application

There may be redness, strain, sensitivity, dryness and peeling on the skin after the application. But these effects reduces in 2-3 days. Special moisturizers and skin nourishing products are used in this period. It's a must to protect it from sun during and after the treatment with sun protective creams.

It's used in treating pregnancy and hormonal blemishes, sun blemishes and blemishes emerging with age.

The most important advantage of this application is doing it only once. It's not necessary to apply 4-6 sessions like other chemical peeling methods. There's no risk of leaving any spots. It can be easily applied on every type of skin including sensitive skins.