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Cilt Gençleştirme & Sıkılaştırma

Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening

As we get old or gain and lose weight, our skin loses elasticity, tone and texture in general because of the decrease in collagen, elastin and subcutaneous fat which are the building blocks of a young skin.

Some of the signs of an aging skin are:

Thin lines and wrinkles
Skin laxity
Age spots
Under-eye dark circles
Sun damage
Purpose of a whole skin rejuvenation is to achieve a younger and smoother skin.

Gençlik Aşısı

Youth Vaccine

Youth Vaccine is composed of amino acids and hyaluronic acid. This blend stimulates the body to increase its' own collagen and elastin production and enhance general skin quality and rewind back years through moisturizing the skin.
Paris Işıltısı

Paris Glow

Paris Glow provides multiple vitalization and deep moisturizing to the skin lacking of brightness, fullness and elasticity.
Scarlet X Tedavisi

Scarlet X

Collagen levels developed and dermal elastic fibers re-shaped by Scarlet X treatment, bring back the skin laxity and skin tone. It softens thin lines and wrinkles and offers a younger look.


Useful ingredients are injected into your skin with mesotherapy. The purpose is to help getting a younger and brighter skin. It's an effective way of having a brighter and healthier looking skin that makes you feel vivid and fresh.
DNA Işıltısı

DNA Glow

While wrinkles and moisture loss can be recovered with DNA Glow method, a firmer look is achieved on the skin. With DNA Glow, skin will get both a healthier and a firmer state; skin will become younger microscopically.
Lifting Aşısı

Lifting Vaccine

Lifting vaccine stimulates the skin in natural ways to make it produce collagen and elastin and increase its' elasticity and decrease saggy skin hence rejuvenates the skin and regains its' tightness.
Saten Cilt Uygulaması

Satin Skin

Satin Skin Application is a cosmetic filler material that renews the lost collagen in the skin, fixes the look of lines and wrinkles on the skin and provides a significant recovery.
Ameliyatsız Göz Kapağı Estetiği (Plexr®)


Thanks to the plasma applied in the plexr treatment, skin fibers tightens and results in skin smoothening and a decrease in the distinctness of lines and wrinkles. It's non-invasive, safe and suitable for all skin types.
PRP Uygulamaları


In PRP treatment, concentrated blood platelet solution taken from the patient's own blood is applied into the effected area of the skin. This way, the recovery and growing process of the new skin tissue begins with collagen and elastin.
Boyun Estetiği (Venüs Boynu)

Neck Aesthetics

In Venus Neck application, effective results are achieved in individuals with excessively dehydrated skin, loss of skin laxity and poor skin formation. It can be used in stretch marks and hands as well as knees and other areas of the body.
Göz Çevresi Estetiği ve Tedavileri (NoMor)


NoMor is extremely versatile and by increasing collagen and elastin production and reducing pigmentation, it compensates the moisture deficiency of the skin and restores its' physiological barrier which protects it from negative environmental factors and attack of free radicals.
Peeling Uygulamaları

Chemical Peeling

In Chemical Peeling treatment, the damaged outer layers of your skin are peeled using a non-toxic chemical to bring out a brighter, smoother skin looking young with a more homogeneous tone.

All developed to repair the negative effects on your skin caused by aging and fast gain and loss of weight, you can have a pre-appointment with our clinic to learn which one of these treatments is right for you.