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Do Not Feel Bad For Excessive Sweating!

Excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis is a common but often a shameful situation that causes the body to produce excessive sweat. Many people suffering from excessive sweating notice that they lose more sweat than an average person even though they are relaxed, at normal temperature, doing no exercises nor hand work at all.
Although high temperature, stress, anxiety and exercise naturally trigger sweat glands, people suffering from hyperhidrosis frequently sweat regardless of these factors. There are also some medicines among the causes of over-sweating but it may also emerge without any distinct reason. People suffering from excessive sweating are categorized into two groups.

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis

This is the category that most people suffering from excessive sweating fall into. These patients are quite healthy in general and face excessive sweating by an early age. There are no distinct reasons for them to excessively sweat. It mainly affects both sides of the body including hands, feet, face, head and armpits. People with primary focal hyperhidrosis rarely sweat in their sleep.

Secondary Focal Hyperhidrosis

The causes of excessive sweating in this group are some neurologic, hormonal and metabolic situations as well as an underlying medical condition. Besides, some medicines may have a common side effect but you should not stop taking medicines without consulting your doctor. This type of excessive sweating tends to start later in life and occurs in a wider area on the body and is seen mostly at night.

Can something be done to prevent excessive sweating?

Although there are no ways found to fully get rid of hyperhidrosis, there are some precautions to be taken to lessen its’ symptoms and effects on your life style. First, you should find out what causes excessive sweating and avoid common reasons. Things that may lessen the effects of excessive sweating Iinclude softening washouts that’s not peeling off the natural oil on your skin; using antiperspirants containing aluminium chloride or stronger antiperspirants prescripted by your doctor; wearing breathable loose-fit clothes and breathable shoes; using absorbing armpit pads or special clothings with armpit sweat protection and avoiding spicy food, caffeine and alcohol which may also be the reasons of over-sweating.

How to treat excessive sweating?

Although some people observe that excessive sweating is reducing as they grew older, it rarely stops completely and it has no “cure”. For this reason, excessive sweating treatments are generally focused on reducing the symptoms especially when there’s no distinct underlying cause. Being a minimal invasive, long-lasting solution, botox injections are recommended to cope with this shameful situation. Botulinum toxin injections may provide longer-lasting results than topical treatments without the need for invasive procedures

Frequently Asked Questions About Botox Treatment In Excessive Sweating

Botox injections are a safe, fast, relatively durable and effective way of symptomatically treat hyperhidrosis and especially effective in individuals who sweat from their armpits. But they can also be used to reduce the sweating on other areas such as hands, feet and face.
Botox injections applied on sweating areas temporarily block neurons responsible of activating the hyperfunctioning sweat glands and hinder them produce too much sweat. Botox is also used commonly to treat thin lines and wrinkles.

The process is simple. Your doctor may apply ice or give analgesic up to one hour prior to injections.

During the process a very thin needle is used to inject small amounts of neurotoxins right under the skin throughout the sweating area. According to your doctor's evaluation, multiple injections will be made to create a mesh pattern around the area to be treated. Purpleness, swell and sensitivity may occur after the process but it's mostly small.

Botulinum toxin injections are generally tolerated well by patients and the treatment has a high satisfaction rate among patients. Many paitients are stating that treatment has considerably increased their quality of life.

Patient can keep on his/her normal activities after application. It may take generally 2-7 days for the application to begin being effective. After the control appointment, additional replenishment may be applied by the doctor if considered necessary.

Just like in all other therapies, therapy plan is adapted by an expert dermatologist according to individual needs and experiences and results may vary. Typically, it may help to significantly reduce sweating in armpits for 4-14 months.