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Yara İzleri ve Lekeler

Scars and Blemishes

Scars are caused by deep wounds or acute acnes showing up again and again on the same area of your skin.

Craters is a commonly seen case for those suffering from acne. Scar is the result of the reaction shown by the body against the inflammation caused by acne, new collagen is produced to heal the area with scar-tissue formation and the color changes that happen because of inflammation.

There are two main types of craters: “hypertrophic” and “atrophic” craters. Your skin produces large amounts of collagen to fill the scar so a hypertrophic scar may form, that’s why a mildly swelled area is left on the surface of your skin. Atrophic scar may be caused by the tissue loss occurring under the surface which the body can not heal. For this reason, acne scars may give your skin a dimpled look.

Skin Blemishes

Your skin, hair and eye color is designated by a pigment called melanin. This pigment is produced by the pigment cells called melanocytes. Healthy melanocytes distributes the pigment to the skin equally and ensures a smooth and even skin. Unhealthy, inflammatory or damaged melanocytes may whether leads to hyperpigmentation (black spots) creating excessive pigment clusters or hypopigmentation (white dots) fully stopping the pigment production.

Scar and Blemish Treatment

Crater treatment focuses on treating the existing acnes at first to prevent crater formation. If all the acnes are waned, treatments which focuses on scars and blemishes will be applied.

Cosmelan Dermamelan ile Leke Tedavisi

Cosmelan - Dermamelan

Cosmelan and Dermamelan is a chemical peeling that safely and effectively cures all kinds of pigmentations.
Gençlik Aşısı

Youth Vaccine

Youth vaccine is comprised of amino acids and hyaluronic acid. This blend stimulates the body to increase its' own collagen and elastin production, moisturizes the skin, enhances the general skin quality and rewinds back the years.
Peeling Uygulamaları

Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling is a treatment that helps to eliminate various skin problems and improve the skin texture and look.
Kök Hücre Tedavisi

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment is actively used in skin rejuvenation, acne marks, stretch marks and hair loss therapies.
Lifting Aşısı

Lifting Vaccine

Lifting vaccine stimulates the skin in natural ways to make it produce collagen and elastin and increase its' elasticity and decrease saggy skin hence rejuvenates the skin and regains its' tightness.


Useful ingredients are injected into your skin with mesotherapy. The purpose is to help getting a younger and brighter skin. It's an effective way of having a brighter and healthier looking skin that makes you feel vivid and fresh.
Göz Çevresi Estetiği ve Tedavileri (NoMor)


NoMor is extremely versatile and by increasing collagen and elastin production and reducing pigmentation, it compensates the moisture deficiency of the skin and restores its' physiological barrier which protects it from negative environmental factors and attack of free radicals.
Paris Işıltısı

Paris Glow

Paris Glow provides multiple vitalization and deep moisturizing to the skin lacking of brightness, fullness and elasticity.
Ameliyatsız Göz Kapağı Estetiği (Plexr®)


Plexr creates a small electrical arc that causes sublimation on the outer surface of the skin and makes the skin to create a crust that falls off in 5-7 days. With a new skin behind, this is used to cure the scars without radiating heat to the skin.
PRP Uygulamaları


In PRP treatment, concentrated blood platelet solution taken from the patient's own blood is applied into the effected area of the skin. This way, the recovery and growing process of the new skin tissue begins with collagen and elastin.
Saten Cilt Uygulaması

Satin Skin

Satin Skin Application is a cosmetic filler material that renews the lost collagen in the skin, fixes the look of lines and wrinkles on the skin and provides a significant recovery.
Scarlet X Tedavisi

Scarlet X

With Scarlet X Treatment, irregular skin texture caused by wide pores, saggy skin and acne scars, is effectvely cured.

All developed to eliminate scars and blemishes and have a smooth skin, you can have a pre-aappointment with our clinic to learn which one of these therapies is right for you.