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Saten Cilt Uygulaması

Long-Lasting Improvement In Skin Quality!

A young, firm and elastic looking face contains a great amount of collagen. Collagen ensures other skin elements (elastin and hyaluronic acid) to be at higher amounts and provides the assitance enabling your skin to look firm and healthy.
As we age, natural collagen production slows down. While your skin produces collagen on its’ own, the collagen amount it produces quite rapidly reduces with age. Actually, when you reached your mid 20s, the collagen amount produced by your skin drops by 1,5% each year. Visible signs of aging is associated with this loss in collagen production.

What's Satin Skin Application?

Satin Skin Application is a cosmetic dermal filler material that regenerates the lost collagen in the skin, repair the look of lines and wrinkles on the skin and ensures a significant improvement. Unlike hyaluronic acid filler materials, Satin Skin Application is made of poly-L-lactic acid. It tries to regain collagen back to structure of face and in time repair the problems mentioned below. This way the skin achives a younger look.

How does Satin Skin Application work?

While most face filler works by adding volume, Satin Skin application helps to create a healthier, firmer skin by inducing the skin to produce more natural collagen and regain its’ structure back with the help of poly-L-lactic acid instead of adding hyaluronic acid to the skin. It’s injected deeper than most of the filler materials and works inside the skin to regain the volume and rejuvenate the look of face.

After injecting the solution into the skin, the skin is massaged to enable its’ spread under the skin more evenly. This prevents excess collagen to accumulate in a specific area.

Poly-L-lactic acid or PLLA exists naturally in the skin and functions as a triggerer of regenerating the lost collagen of the body. As new fibres develop, the skin looks firmer, younger and healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Satin Skin Application

While dermal filler materials gains volume and firmness to the skin, they repair thin lines and wrinkles. But unlike other filler materials giving immediate results, Satin Skin Application works as a bioactivator and a collagen stimulator and its' effect spreads over time and requires a series of treatments. Becasue it takes time for the skin to naturally create new collagen.

Although it gives a more gradual result to the patient, the satin-like look and volume in the skin becomes visible only when it produces this extra collagen. As the skin regenerates, it becomes firm and elastic and gains a younger-looking bright and tissue from the inside. Although it varies from patient to patient, results generally takes three to four months to see and its' effect can last potentially for up to two years.

This varies depending on your personal conditions from the treated skin area to your age, weight and level of activity. An individual generally needs three treatments and these are made within a few months period. More treatments are needed as you age because of the wrinkles and lines you're trying to treat.

It's applied to reduce the deeper wrinkles and lines and the look of wrinkles on the face, bring volume to weak, hollowy cheeks and fill the hollowed temporals.

Works well in all skin types and tones but not suitable for everyone. If you're included in one of the categories below, Satin Skin application can not be made:

  • Used anticoagulant recently
  • Have bleeding disorder
  • Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Allergic to any of the active ingredients
  • Blood thinning substances should not be used.
  • Applying ice on the skin before and after the treatment will help to shrink your blood vessels and minimize empurpling.
  • Arnica is a herbal substance quite effective at minimizing empurpling, you should use it as a cream before your treatment and during your skin's recovery period.
  • You should not take any other treatments at the same time.
  • Massaging the skin may help to reduce empurplings and spread excess solutions.
  • If there's any empurpling or redness you can conceal them with a fair amount of makeup.
When the effect of the medicine vanishes off or it's not repeated, muscle movements get back to their former state after a while and wrinkles emerge once again. But wrinkles don't get worse that they were, they just get back to their former level at most.