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Saç Mezoterapisi

Nourish Your Hair From The Root!

Our hair is our part we care the most in our social life to feel ourselves better. Men and women, we all want to have healthy, well-groomed and thick hair but experience thinning and loss in hair from time to time.

In approaching hair loss, it’s primarily important to determine the type and severity of loss and underlying reasons if any. Following these steps, a treatment protocol should be made tailored for the person and sometimes different treatment options should be applied together.

What's hair mesotherapy?

In hair mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals, special building block proteins, antioxidants nourishing the hair roots and medicines increasing blood circulation are injected into the hair roots. This way hair roots become active to produce healthier strands with longer lifetime.

How hair mesotherapy is made?

In hair mesotherapy, medicine blends choosen for the purpose are given into the skin in locally small doses with special needles. Individual’s hair receiving the application should be clean and hairs should not be washed throughout the day after the application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Mesotherapy

As it varies depending on the complaint and need, an average of 10-12 sessions are made. Hair mesotherapy sessions can be made once every 1-2 weeks in the beginning. Later, session intervals can be extended upto 3-8 weeks.

The effect of hair mesotherapy begins to be seen after 3-4 sessions.

The advantage of hair mesotherapy compared to other classic medications; is that medicines here are used locally in small doses. The primary advantage of this method is having no side effect risk.

Application prices vary depdning on the number of session to be applied to you and your needs. An appropriate price information is offerd for you after your doctor negotiates and further understands your need.

There's also face mesotherapy apart from hair mesotherapy.

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