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An End To Tired and Weary Look!

The first place on the face to see the negative effects of time is around and under the eyes. In addition, this area is easily affected by environmental factors such as stress, irregular eating habits, insomnia and mimes and diseases and causes a tired and unhappy facial expression.

It’s possible to have a calmer and dynamic look on the face with the under-eye light filler developed recently.

What's under-eye light filler and what is it applied for?

The place around and under the eyes react to changes in the body very quickly due to its’ thin skin strucure and distinct vascular network under the skin. Swells, purpleness, hollows and wrinkles are seen depending on many factors such as insomnia, chronic diseases, fatigue and aging. Special fillers that are directly applied to this area nourishes the skin and rejuvenates this area with the aminoacids, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins in its’ content.

In which situations under-eye light filler is applied?

Under-eye light filler is used in troughs, hollows between the cheeks and area under the eyes, mild bags in the lower eyelid and dark circles under the eyes.

When will the results of under-eye light filler be seen?

Results of under-eye light filler is seen immediately and it reaches to its’ best look after 1 week.

How long does the effect of under-eye light filler take and last?

Effective time of the applied filler varies between 8-12 months depending on personal characteristics.

What's the price of under-eye light filler?

Pricing of filler applications varies depending on the process to be applied to you, current conditions of the area of application, product and amount to be used. an appropriate price information is offered for you after your doctor examines and fırther understands your need.

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