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Liquid Face Lifting

Most common signs of facial aging are caused by the volume loss in jowl and cheek areas. This volume loss often causes skin to sag and this speeds up the development of nasolabial curve (lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth) and puppet lines (lines coming from the corners of the mouth).

While patients were going for surgical face lift operation to get rid of the sags in their faces in the past, Liquid Face Lifting which’s developed with dermal filler materials and Botox thanks to the medical developments, is now a good alternative to surgery.

Targeting 8 accurate areas rather than single lines, will provide you to get a more natural and younger look. It’s a more sophisticated and artistic approach.

What's liquid face lifting?

With Liquid Face Lifting which’s such a popular therapy, early aging look can be treated to a significant degree especially on cheek area and the area around the eyes where skin may sag and look hollow.

How liquid face lift is applied?

Combining both dermal filler materials and anti-wrinkle botox injections, the face is gently lifted and reshaped; nose-mouth lines, puppet lines, jowl look, dark shades and hollow cheeks are reduced.

In where liquid face lifting is used?

  • To improve cheekbones and lift nasolabial curves,
  • To rejuvenate weary hollows under the eyes,
  • curve and lines seen on mouth and nose area,
  • To lift the cornes of the mouth and reduce the ‘angry/sad’ look,
  • In jowl area to reduce the volume loss in or improve the jaw, cheek and chin area,
  • In jawline to create a younger looking V shape instead of the U shape caused by aging,
  • In lower cheeks to lift the whole face and create smoother cheeks.

For whom the liquid face lifting is suitable?

Liquid Face Lifting is ideal for patients with minimum skin laxity.

Is a natural look possible with Liquid Face Lifting?

A process made by an expert doctor will make the results look very natural. The aim is to ensure the patients look freash without drawing to much attention.

How to decide on Liquid Face lifting treatment?

After a face consultancy and skin analysis by an expert dermatologist, a treatment is offered tailored for your needs and face symmetry. Mid-face is the mainly focused area to lift the area under the eyes, jowl and mouth curves. Focusing on cheeks and temporal area, the therapy can open the eyes and give a natural shape. In addition, it can repair the troughs on the nose and soften or round off the jaw or the jawline

When will the results of Liquid Face Lifting can be seen?

Effects of Liquid Face Lifting are seen immediately. Results will continue to recover for 3 months.

What are the 8 points of application in Liquid Face lifting?

8 sensitive injection areas are described as below:

  • First point is the connection point between the cheek and the temper. It’s a very specific point and treated usually by putting filler material into cheekbone.
  • Second point is a beautifying point located on the front face of the cheekbone and also helps to support and lift the mid-face area.
  • Third point is the point at the front malar inside the cheek. This location helps to support the tear trough and can lift the nasolabial curve.
  • Fourth point is the dog fossas to lift the rest of the nasolabial curve.
  • Fifth point is the support point of the oral commissure (puppet lines/mouth corners).
  • Sixth point is the sulcus before the jowl which is the cavern along the jawline. This gives more support to the jaw and provide more definition.
  • Seventh point is the jaw line and shows difference between a man and a woman. While a square look is given to the jaw in a man, it may be preferred to give a gentle definition to the jaw in a woman.
  • Eighth point are lower cheek hollows that are on the surface. The jowl can be lifted finely.

As a result, an extensive lifting and rejuvenation is achieved.

What to be careful for after Liquid Face Lifting?

Using the newest quality filler materials, means that there’s minimum or no side effects at all in most of the time. There will be a little swell for a short time and sometimes a little empurpling. Needle pricks of injections can be visible but easily concelaed with makeup.

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