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Çene Dolgusu (Jawline)

Highlight Your Face With an Apparent and Strong Jawline!

Jawline is one of the most remarkable features of the face. A droopy jawline may be a sign of aging and with a genetic susceptibility which may seriously affect an individual’s self-confidence, the jawline may be poorly shaped or weak. Having an apparent and strong jawline enhances the quality of the face and may offer an attractive youngness and vivid look in the face.

While treating a jawline that’s poorly defined in the past or droopy means liposuction or invasive surgery such as face lifting, dermatology now can offer a nonsurgical solution to this with injectible dermal filler materials as a procedure to rebuilt and redefine the jawline, lift facial features and bring out a young and attractive look.

What are the benefits of nonsurgical jaw shaping?

Using dermal filler material on the jaw and jawline:

  • Gives a more apparent and stronger jaw both for men and women.
  • Lifts a droopy lower face and undefined jawline.
  • Treats a ‘weak’ retracted jaw to get a more balanced and attractive profile.
  • Improves the general proportion of your face to enhance the beauty and definition of your lower face.

For whom the jaw filler is suitable?

Popullar jaw filler treatment is suitable for everyone with a ‘weak’, short, retracted jaw. Female patients take advantage of an improved jaw to create a more feminine look and form that heart-shaped face. Men may take advantage of jaw filler to give a stronger jaw look.

For whom the jawline filler is suitable?

Jawline filler is suitable for everyone who want to improve their jaw defiiniton. A sharply defined jaw is a feature that beleived to improve one’s attraction both for men and women and besides it may help to balance other facial features such as nose and forehead.

How much permanent is jaw filer?

Its’ permanency maintains for an average of 15-18 months depending on the filler material used, amount and individual’s physiology. Treatment can be easily repeated after this period. Time of the results may vary due to individual factors.

Is jaw filler safe?

Jaw and jawline filler is not likely to be vary painful. An anaesthetic may be applied to enhance the comfort during application. Swells and empurplings may occur like in all other areas of the face and this may last for up to 10 days.

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