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Competing With Nefertiti With A Swan-Like Neck and a Legendary Beauty

A well defined jawline and a long-looking neck is always accepted as a sign of beauty. These features have become popular among human societies since the ancient times of Egypt. Queen Nefertiti, as far as she’s pictured, has an admirable bone structure even for today. In order to create a well defined, clear jawline and a smooth neckline, taking its’ name from the Queen of Egypt Nefertiti, Nefertiti Neck Lift targets especially the neck and jaw line using Botox for a rejuvenating and firming effect.

How Does The Procedure Work?

Sagging in and under the jawline gives a loose look at both sides of mouth and under the cheeks. Nefertiti Lift works through a series of injections along the jawline and inside the muscle in the neck called platysma. This relaxes the muscles pulling down the neck and creates a lifting effect as the muscles in the upper face pulls up the tissue.

Who Can Benefit From Nefertiti Neck Lifting Operation?

It helps patients with undefined jawline, wrinkled and saggy neck area, loose jowl, have a weight loss on the face (creating sag) and frequetly contracting the neck and needing it to look young.

What To Expect From Nefertiti Neck Lifting Application?

Anti-wrinkle treatment usually shows its’ effect in three days and optimum results are gained within ten to fourteen days following the date of operation. Effects of the treatment lasts about three to six months. Most patients expect a smoother look and lines and surface wrinkles to be repaired. When it begins losing its’ effect a gradual recession is noticeable. Sessions must be repeated to maintain the effects of the treatment.

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