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Kaş Kaldırma Botoksu

Do you think your brows make your eyes look tired?

First of all, our brows are determined genetically. While your skin becomes less elastic and lose volume in the aging process, our facial muscles lose their fullness and firmness at the same time. When you add the effects of gravity to this, we notice that the upper one-third of our face tends to sag.

Dropped brows causes eyes look tired and even sad. High brows on the other hand, open our eyes and immediately bring us a fresher, younger and more attractive look. For this reason, women with higher brows are perceived to be more attractive.

Non-Surgical Brow Lifting

Non-surgical brow lifting is a cosmetic process that firms and lifts especailly the upper one-third section of your face including the forehead and the brows. It can repair the wrinkles between your brows, lift the saggy brows, open your eyes and remove the lines on your forehead.

Brow lifting can be made with neurotoxin Botulinum Type A injections subject to full facial evaluation and consultation.

Brow Lifting With Botulinum Toxin Injection

Botulinum toxin injections are effective at relaxing some certain muscles around eyes and forehead to help creating a general lifting in brows. This will result as a few milimetre increase in your brow height and create a more open eyed, fresh look.

However, the treatment does not only aim to freeze facial muscles and expressions. An expert doctor will always adjust the dynamics between the facial muscles for a natural look.

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