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Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is an important dermatological problem faced quite often. This can be fixed with timely analyzes and suitable treatments.

How Can You Notice Hair Loss in Women?

While 85% of hair is in growing phase in a normal individual, 15% of it is in resting phase. Hair in resting phase will naturally break off after a while and be replaced with newly grown hair. It’s normal for an adult individual to lost an average of 100 hair strands daily depending on washing, combing and age. It’s not normal if there are more than 80-100 strands lost daily lasting for weeks. This is a common problem faced in women. It can be noticed with hair left on combs, pillows and attires being more than ever and a great number of hair strands coming to the hand while washing or running hands through the hair.

What Are The Reasons Of Hair Loss in Women?

There can be many reasons of hair loss in women. Anemia (iron deficiency anemia), strict diets causing protein deficiency, high stress, serious diseases, high fever and serious operations underwent, medicines (blood thinners, chemotreatment and high blood pressure medications, antidepressants), over or under functioning of thyroid gland and many diseases affecting the metabolism may lead to hair loss.
In many cases, hair loss occurring after stress, operation, weight loss or an inflammatory disease, will be restored after 2-3 months. While many medications make a hardly noticeable increases in loss that becomes apparent later, medicines used in cancer treatment cause a very dense loss shortly after starting the treatment.
In addition, there may be thinnings in hair which makes a pattern in specific areas in genetically susceptible women and leads to a situation called female pattern hair loss. Female pattern hair loss resembles the androgenetic alopecia often seen in men. It occurs after puberty and may progress slowly or very seriously in relation with genetic susceptibility. Things which cause common hair loss in women may trigger and aggravate androgenetic alopecia.

Can Common Hair Loss in Women Cause Baldness?

In general, hair gets back to its’ normal state within the 6-9 months following the elimination of reasons causing common loss. Similarly, after cutting the use of medications hair will get back to its’ normal state. But the progress of female pattern hair loss which depends on genetical susceptibility, will vary from person to person.

What Can Be Done in Treatment?

Best treatment is to find out the underlying reason and treat it. Successful results will be achieved with accompanying skin mesotherapies and PRP (see hair mesotherapies, PRP).

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