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Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss in Men (Androgenetic Alopecia) is a case that occurs with the loss and thinning of hair and recession of hair line or fully opening of the top area which begins at 20s-30s in genetically susceptible individuals.

What Are The Signs Of Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Most distinct characteristic is thinning of hair together with recession of forehead hair line. While it’s seen in men with the recession of forehead hair line, hair thinning and opening of an area leaving no hair and top opening, in women there’s not recession of hairline but a thinning on top area.

What's Used In Treatment?

Topical lotions are used and hair mesotherapy and PRP (see hair mesotherapy, PRP) are applied in treatment. Other preferable methods are hair implant, wig application, stuck hair transplant and cosmetic camouflage.

Can Male Pattern Hair Loss Be Retarded?

This kind of hair loss can be fixed with the medications used. at a significant extent. As hair follicles will show a recession in time between the ages 25-45, hair loss can be retarded with treatments at early ages, this way hair loss is prevented to some extent.

Will I Continue Losing Hair When I Stop Getting Treatment?

Loss in hair can restart a while after the Treatment is cut. For this reason, you may need to continue at intervals after the end of the treatment with your dermatologist’s advices.

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