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Smile To Yourself In the Mirror With Fleshy and Attractive Lips!

Lips are one of the important elements of the face shape and beauty. Maybe you have structurally thin lips or maybe you begin to have volume loss in your lips, sag on lip corners in time and wrinkles around your lips caused by mimes and smoking. We can stop these course of events with simple processes made to your lips.

In which aesthetical situations the lip filler is used?

Filler materials containing hyaluronic acid is often used for lip filler application. This filler material is compatible with lip tissue and ensures obtaining a natural look. It’s easily used to bring out lip shape, increase its’ volume, eliminate wrinkles and thin lines occuring in time and repairing asymmetries.

How lip filler is made?

Topical anaestetic creams are applied against pain 15-20 minutes prior to the process. Upon individual’s request and expectation, a lip filler application is made which will be ideal and natural for the face of the patient. Cold compress is applied during the process to prevent swells and purplenesses.

What should be done after lip filler application?

Lips should not be used too much and should be protected from hot for a few days after the process. Nothing should be eaten or drunk in the following few hours. It will be useful to apply cold compress at intervals after the process.

Will there be any edema and swell after the application?

Small purplenesses and swells may occur in lip filler application. Cold compress is applied after the process to prevent this. Occuring edema and purpleness recovers within a few days.

How long does the effect of lip fller take?

As lips are very active organs and have direct contact with hot and cold, filler materials are absorbed faster than the fillers applied to other areas of the face. Permanency of hyaluronic acid filler materials applied to lips are about 4-6 months. This period may be extended with consecutive applications.

What's the price of lip filler application?

Pricing of filler applications varies depending on the process to be applied to you, current conditions of the area of application, product and amount to be used. An appropriate price information is offered for you after your doctor examines and further understands your need.

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