Stem Cell Therapy

It’s Possible To Reverse The Effects of Time With Our Very Own Cells!

Stem cell application is a natural treatment method developed from the individual’s own cells.

What’s a stem cell?

Cells called fibroblasts in the skin are responsible of producing collagen, elastic fibres and hyaluronic acid. These substances make the skin to look firmer, smoother and healthier. By cultivating the cells called fibrobalsts in a laboratory environment and applying these to the same person, you can observe recovery of wrinkles, reduction in sags and diminishing of lines.

What are the areas of use of stem cell method?

  • Reducing wrinkles on face, neck and decolette area
  • Sags observed on jaw and neck area
  • Curing scars left from acne and diseases like chicken pox
  • Improving the dull and porous look lack of its’ vividity because of the environmental factors like sun damage and smoking
  • Treating burns and surgical scars

Frequently Asked Questions About Stem Cell Method

How stem cell is obtained and made?

A 3-4 cm very small skin area is extracted with a special tool punched from the back of the ear. Extracted skin part and blood is sent to a special laboratory producing fibroblast cultures in a sterile environment in special containers. After 3-6 weeks, fibroblasts reaching a number of 60 to 120 millions in the laboratory, are applied to the desired skin area with small needles in 2-3 sessions .

What are the advantages of stem cell therapy?

It has no risks of allergy for it’s obtained from individual’s own cells and contains no foreign substance. Its’ regenerative effect is more distinct compared to many methods. Its’ time of effect is about 2 to 3 years.

Is there an observable side effect after stem cell therapy?

Mild redness and edema may occur after the application but these effects recovers in 1-2 days. In addition, short-winded small purplenesses may occur for stem cell application is made with small needles.

What’s the price of stem cell therapy?

Pricing of stem cell therapy varies depending on the process to be done to you, condition of the area of process, product and amount to be used. An appropriate price information is offered for you after our doctor examines and further understands your need.

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