PRP Applications

Youth Coming From Yourself, PRP!

PRP is an effective application made for rejuvenation and to reduce wrinkles, gain elasticity and bright to the skin, reduce all kinds of scars such as pimples, operational scars, stretch marks and stop hair loss.

What’s PRP ?

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is the name given to the plasma application rich in blood elements called blood platelets containing a great number of growth factors. With PRP, the purpose is rebuilding and rejuvenation of skin through mimicing the things that the body does while healing a wound.

How PRP application is made?

In this method, a small amount of blood taken form the individual is put into a special tube and centrifugated and blood elements containing the growth factors are separated and injected into the area of desired effect in the same individual again.

In which areas PRP is applied?

In Aesthetical Dermatology, it’s applied on areas of body such as face, neck, decolette and hands; to repair wrinkles on the skin, ensure regaining of elasticity and bright, control situations of damaged skin integrity such as wound and stretch marks. In addition, it’s also applied succesfully to ensure hair to stop falling and grow stronger and more vivid.

Frequently Asked Questions About PRP Application

How many sessions are needed in average?

For an effective application a cure of 3-6 sessions should be applied with 2-4-week intervals.

Does PRP have any side effects?

As this method is obtained from individual’s own blood in a sterile environment, it’s a safe application with no risks of infection and allergy.

Is PRP Application painful?

Feeling of pain can be minimized with the anaesthetic creams applied before the application.

To whom PRP can’t be applied?

It can’t be applied to patients with low blood platelet numbers, cancer patients and patients with active infections.

What’s the advantage of PRP application over other applications?

It’s a long-lasting, effective and safe application. Growth factors released by blood platelets does not only suppport new collagen generation but also all vital functions of the skin.

What’s the price of chemical peeling?

Application prices vary depending on the process applied to you, and the needs of your skin. An appropriate price information is offered for you after your doctor negotiates and further understands your need.

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