Peeling Applications

Deeply Improve Your Skin’s Look!

It’s possible to revitalize the skin, improve its’ look and eliminate pimples, scars and unwanted blemishes on the skin with fruit acids.

What’s Chemical Peeling?

Peeling application enables the peeling of the upper layer of skin that’s worn and lost its’ freshness and bright, initiates a rebuilding process in the lower layers of skin, stimulates collagen synthesis and ensures a younger and healthier skin to come out. The most preferred acids for chemical peeling are “Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)” which include glycolic acid, lactic acid and fruit acids. AHA are natural acids obtained from fruits and other foods and used as surface peeling substances. Apart from these, it’s possible to treat blemishes with TCA and pimples on the face and body with salicyclic acid applications.

What is chemical peeling useful for?

Peeling application;

  • Enhances skin brightness.
  • And also a quite effective method in treating aging signs and wrinkles caused by sun rays and hereditary factors,
  • Pimples and pimple scars
  • Sunspots, age spots, freckles, blemishes caused by birth control medications and pregnancy.
  • Apart form face, the application can be applied on neck, decolette and hands

How chemical peeling is done?

After the skin is purged off its’ oil and cleansed, the peeling application is kept on face depending on the peeling solution of choice and depth of application, then removed off and neutralized and it’s completed by applying a recovering, soothing cream and sun protection after the application

Frequently Asked Questions About Chemical Peeling

How many sessions should be made in chemical peeling?

While number of sessions vary from person to person depending on the desired effect and application solution, it’s averagely 4 – 8 sessions in about 2-4-week intervals.

What to be careful for prior to chemical peeling?

It will be best to choose spring and winter season for application.

What to be careful for after chemical peeling?

Direct exposure to sun and solarium should be avoided. High factor sun protections should be used. You should not take a shower in the first day and prefer warm shower within the following 1 week. It will be best to not to put on makeup and use creams that will speed up skin rebuild for the first 2-3 days.

What’s the price of chemical peeling?

Application prices vary depending on the process applied to you, needs of your skin and planned number of sessions. An appropriate price information is offered for you after your doctor negotiates and further understands your need.

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