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Large Pores and Blackheads

Enlarged pores and blackheads are common skin problems.


Blackheads occur because of excess fat, remnants and dead skin cells blocking the hair follicle openings. Although everyone may suffer from blackheads, it’s mostly seen in oily skin type and people with acne. Besides, as your pores are natural places for sebum (fat) and impurities to accumulate, your risk of blackheads is higher if you have enlarged or very open pores. Enlarged pores are naturally a typical characteristic of oily skins, that’s why those who have oily skin are more likely to have blackheads. Diet, hormonal disorders and stress can also be the cause of sebaceous glands producing too much fat and forming blackheads.

Large Pores

The reason for enlarging pores can be genetic but they also depend on age

  • Oily Skin = Excess sebum causes pores to be enlarged, this occurs when the individual’s sebaceous glands produce too much fat and make way to an oily skin.
  • Age = As we age, the skin loses its’ elasticity and ability to retain moist. Loss of these functions, especially loss of elasticity in the skin, causes the skin to strain in time and the pores to be enlarged.
  • Poor or Deficient Skin Care Regimen = UV damage enlarges the pores permanently. Not using SPF and not sufficiently cleaning the skin, causes the pores to be enlarged. Having no strong and regular skin care regimen, causes fat production to accumulate and pores to be blocked and strained by the excess fat. Genetic and hormonal imbalances may also be the cause of the changes in pore size.

How Large Pores are Treated?

Skin care at home is essential for enlarged pores as it’s important to reduce fat production and prevent more of them.

You will need a combination of clinical treatments and a proper skin care at home to shrink down the size pores and eliminate blackheads

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