Dr. Seher Arı

Face Forming

Aesthetic look has always been the most public part of self both for men and women. For centuries, people always tried to improve their look to enhance their attractiveness, sense of self and quality of life.

We have proofs from nearly 5000 years ago showing how ancient Egyptians use different natural substances such as oils, salt, alabaster and sour milk to aesthetically improve their skins. And we all know Queen Nefertiti, one of the most important women of ancient world who’s a symbol of feminine beauty known for his long, slim neck and.

The history of beauty is as old as the human hisyory itself. However, beauty standards have developed in time. What we see as an attractive body today is different from what’s accepted as ‘beautiful’ in the past centuries. But as some standards are changing and developing, some are tend to remain the same because of our subconscious codes. Most important of these is the Golden Ratio.

Evolution of Face Forming and the Golden Ratio

Researches have shown that basic features such as symmetry, harmony and vivid colors are the universal and timeless elements of an attractive and beautiful look. There’s a symmetry algorithm not only in human bodies and faces but also in many patterns and animals in the nature.

That is to say there’s a mathematical equivalent to beauty: 1,62. This is named as the Golden Ratio of Beauty also known as Phi or Fibonacci number. Golden Ratio is a mathematical symmetry algorithm that lies under our perception of attractiveness. It’s proven that symmetry is a key factor in perceiving a man or woman attractive.


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