Dr. Seher Arı

Elasticity and Brightness

A dull, dry and dehydrated skin is a common problem affecting nearly all of us. It’s important to find out what causes these changes in order to designate the treatment options.

Accumulation of Dead Skin Cells

Most common causes of a dull skin is the accumulation of dead skin cells (keratinocytes) on the surface. Keratinocytes are formed in the epidermis base (stratum bazale) and incrementally moves towards the outer layer of epidermis (stratum corneum). During this migration to outer layer, keratinocytes become flatter and drier and in the end fall off from the skin. Inadequate falling off causes dead and dry skin cells to accumulate which leads to a dull and dry looking skin. This can be recovered by improving skin exfoliation through skin care and exfoliative skin treatments.

Natural Hyaluronic Acid Loss

With age, menopause, lifestyle choices and exposure to sun, epidermis will be deprived of natural hyaluronic acid, the natural moisturizer of the skin. This causes skin to look dryer and wrinkled. Hyaluronic acid can be renewed with treatments such as mesotherapy, bio revitalization and micro pricking.

Mostly Affected Areas

  • Temporal Sides
  • Forehead
  • Hands
  • Inner arms
  • Neck

There are various applications that stimulate the production of basic substances which our skin loses as we age resulting in skin laxity and other aging signs.

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