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Around-The-Eye Aaesthetics and Treatments

Enhanced Skin Quality Through Increasing the Regeneration Potential of Under-Eye and Around-The-Eye Areas!

The most sensitive area of our face is the under-eye and around-the-eye skin. It becomes a subject of early aging because of dehydration and ongoing effects of free radicals. And aging and tired look is one of the problems regarded by women and men of all ages. NoMor application ensures a fast and effective recovery and restoration of skin look without a long rehabilitation period.

What’s NoMor?

Hyalual Electri is one of the effective, modern and nearly painless treatments showing immediate effects and regenerating the skin.

It contains highly purified bitechnologic-based hyaluronic acid in combination with succinic acid which has a double synergetic effect in aesthetical treatments. The skin immediately lightens, tightens and moistens right after Electri is applied.

What’s the application useful for?

The treatment and application aims to solve the “fatigue face syndrome” problem.

  • Compensates the moisture deficiency.
  • Brings the energy balance of the skin back.
  • Regains the natural physiological barrier protecting the skin from the negative effects of the environment and free radicals.
  • Slows down the aging process of the skin.
  • Speeds up the skin regeneration after aggressive cosmetic treatments

How the application is made?

Your skin must be evaluated during your consultation. A specific Xela rederm power is choosen to meet your skin care needs. The skin is anaesthetized 30 minutes before the application. The product is superficially injected into the area of application.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Application

What to be careful for after NoMor?

Treatment requires no recovery period or special preparations. There may be empurpling and mild swell near the area of injection. This is normal and recovers in a few days.

It’s recommended to avoid applying foundation and makeup on the injected area for 2 days after the process. Your doctor may advise you on which skin care products may be best for your skin.

How long should I wait to see the effect?

In about 10 days the change is visible. Generally 3 sessions are needed at one month intervals.

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